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Serving Sonoma County and Surrounding Areas

Nicole’s authenticity, personable demeanor and innate noteworthy talent and integrity make her a standout photographer! She knows just how to harness your child’s most spontaneous and joyous inner essence on film, so sweetly and effortlessly, in her warm secure idyllic studio haven. You can expect on trend, fanciful, inventive customized props, costumes and scene settings coupled with her patience, expertise and artistic vision sprinkled in with a dash of calm gentle direction. Venturing courageously in her offerings and tailor-made seasonal options and choices Nicole’s lens translates whimsical innocence, emotive and vulnerable moments, humorous bloopers and radiantly refreshing growing familial realness. She invests both emotionally and creatively resulting in a photo form keepsake legacy that will transcend your dreamiest and most ethereal client expectations. I can attest to this because it is what she did for us and we will cherish these snapshots in time forever.

– Gwyndolyn –

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